30 Jul - 2 Aug 2019
Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
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Stream One: Operational Excellence & Productivity

This stream is focusing on strategies, methods and techniques that streamline manufacturing operations through creation of smart factory and successful implementation of advanced technologies, industry 4.0, digital manufacturing and IoT, optimisation of Lean, OpEx, quality and safety that are leading the organisation to agility, flexibility, costs reduction, increased output. At the same time we will be addressing the challenges of the transformation process, including leadership and workforce engagement, development, skills, multicultural and multi-plants gaps overcome.

Stream Two: Digital Integration & Automation

This stream is emphasising on rapid integration of diverse new technologies. This will explain how adoption of integrated and connected digital systems and technologies can help to reduce productivity bottlenecks.  Also, how digital manufacturing technologies and data analytics can transform and optimise factory operations, boosting equipment utilisation and product quality while reducing costs.
We will also discuss how by creating digitally integrated ecosystem can cut countless hours from many of the tasks. We will highlight the process of transition to a smart factory using automation, 3D printing, as well as, adopting advance systems for a seamless solution with existing systems. Also recognising the value of disruptive and cloud technologies.

Stream Three: Process Re-Designing & Innovation

We will discuss how redesigning the production processes and systems can increase the flexibility of the operations and drive competitive advantage in meeting future market and customer demands.
This stream will focus on optimising complex manufacturing processes through re-designing and innovation to eliminate waste and increase productivity. Also, we will discuss about real time performance management and continuous improvement.

DAY 3 – Full Day Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing – Paving the Path to Digital Maturity & Integration

Intelligent manufacturing (IM) means using the combined intelligence of people, processes and machines, to impact the overall economics of manufacturing. Its purpose is to optimise manufacturing resources, improve business value and safety, and reduce waste while meeting customer demands for delivery and quality. Manufacturers achieve this with the latest manufacturing execution system (MES), intelligent devices, machine-to-machine communication, and data analysis for its production lines and facilities.
We will discuss how the cyber-physical systems are best integrated in a factory. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to achieve full potential of automation within the current operations with the support of digital technology and how to enhance the ability of planning and coordination in the operation process and significantly upgrading the manufacturing capabilities.

Day 4 - Supply Chain Optimisation – Optimising your End-to-End Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimisation is the application of processes and tools to ensure the optimal operation of a manufacturing and distribution. This includes the optimal placement of inventory within the supply chain, minimising operating costs (including manufacturing costs, transportation costs, and distribution costs). With the use of technologies this has been advanced to meet the rising demands in the manufacturing.
The delegates will learn how to optimise the end-to-end supply chain and with the options that digital technologies provide to develop new business models and new strategies, companies should integrate digital technologies into their supply chain to quickly improve service levels while cutting costs up to 30%.

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