16-18 August 2017
Grand Hyatt Hotel , Singapore
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Stream One: Operational Excellence & Productivity

In this stream, discover how to establish an enterprise-wide operational excellence business management strategy to transform a performance culture, as well as, learn the methods to design an efficient pipeline to stay competitive and enhance business performance. Also learn how to establish a secure supplier network, streamline manufacturing operations, address cross-functional issues and drive performance forward with a growth mindset.  

Stream Two: Digital Transformation & Automation

This stream will unravel the process of transition to a smart factory and Industry 4.0 using automation, data and analytics, 3D Printing, as well as, adopting advance systems for a seamless solution with existing systems. Also recognise the value of disruptive and cloud technologies, as well as, how to prioritise intellectual property protection and cybersecurity in the digital space.  

Stream Three: Process Innovation

Discover the various methods utilised that aids in creating a demand driven and responsive business model to augment competitiveness towards new market development and reinforcing organisational vision by outlining product and technology focuses in the smart manufacturing arena.


Stream One: Operational Excellence & Productivity

Discover methods on securing and developing talent as a critical driver of global manufacturing competitiveness and explore methods on using an integrated and transformative approach at the shop floor that handles day-to-day affairs to improve productivity through elimination of touch points and the need of people.

Stream two: Digital Transformation & Automation

Hear from industry experts on steps to upgrade to a demand-driver, responsive supply chain to achieve a new level of customer responsiveness and outpace the competition by practising Just-In-Time manufacturing to reduce flow times within production. Discover the various methods to establish a conscious manufacturing network to enhance supply agility by using IOT, asset optimisation and tracking.

DAY 3 – Full Day Workshop on Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. It is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances. Many manufacturers plan to make changes to the range of services they offer and will change their product portfolio to drive new growth, develop strategic plans for investment in connected products and to launch multiple, parallel efforts to prototype new products, services and business models. Attend this workshop to understand disruptive innovation and its implications for your organisation to advance your own customer offering before your competitors do. Learn how to generate fresh thinking, shift the paradigm in your market and unleash your competitive edge. 

Facilitated by: Dr. Ken Hudson, Founder for The Original Thinking Company, Australia

Exclusive Site Tour: Asia’s First Centre for Test-Bedding and Developing Manufacturing Technologies

Visit the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), an initiative by A*STAR in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The ARTC provides a high quality environment for the development and demonstration of new technologies on an industrial scale, providing a unique opportunity for manufacturers to develop new and innovative processes and technologies in a low risk collaborative environment. The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is Singapore’s lead public sector agency that spearheads economic oriented research to advance scientific discovery and develop innovative technology.

Kindly note that the Site Tour registration is now closed.

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