22-24 August 2016
Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS - Interactive Panels & Roundtables

Solution Spotlights
These sessions will be dedicated for sponsors of various sorts to showcase their innovative products and services to help accelerate the operational and production efficiency

World-Class Manufacturers Panel: Learning from the Best
This panel discussion will discuss on the best practices in overcoming the challenges of the changing global markets for greater profitability and agility

Modern Manufacturing: Lean Thinking
This panel will gather some of the key players in the manufacturing industry to discuss the evolving role of lean manufacturing for continuous process improvement

Driving Transformation in Manufacturing: Going Forward Together
A series of roundtable sessions taking place simultaneously to brainstorm on the latest and cutting-edge practices across all streams:
Roundtable One: Securing Future Manufacturing Talents
Roundtable Two: Building Operational Technology Manufacturing Infrastructure
Roundtable Three: Embracing the Zero-Loss Thinking in Cost, Quality and Safety

DAY 3 - Potential Full Day Workshop - The Factory of the Future
Lean Manufacturing: Achieving a Competitive Advantage through Highly Efficient Operations for Greater ROI
The future of lean manufacturing is very bright due to the nonstop rising of inflation rate. As we know lean aims at cutting the cost of waste so in this competitive world the organisation that can cut down the waste cost will be the most feasible among all so its importance will definitely goanna rise in the future and organisations, business would be running after it. Lean manufacturing literally refers to less of everything compared with mass production. It also involves in depth examination of the process as soon as the task is over. As a result shortcomings are sought out at the very first step before moving to next stage and efficiency is maintained at every stage. In addition, lean manufacturing help to keep everything in order, which will help to find right tool at immediate situation, economies of scale and leading to fast functioning of operations. This workshop will help manufacturers to achieve the successful lean manufacturing strategy through some of the main approaches of lean manufacturing like Kaizen, Just-in-Time, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma to achieve optimum level goals. Gain tangible benefits from lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate downtime, long batch times and excessive energy consumption for greater cost savings.

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