22-25 March 2021
Online, Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

Tailor-make your own programme by selecting from any of these streams over Day One and Day Two

Stream One: Operational Excellence & Process Evolution

This stream will focus on ways to improve performance and profitability by streamlining manufacturing operations. We will discuss how successful implementation and optimisation of lean, six sigma, kaizen, JIT are leading the organisation to agility, flexibility, costs reduction and increased output. We will discuss how continuous improvement is playing important role to incrementally improve the production process by eliminating/reducing errors and managing the risks at the same time. We will discuss how process evolution will help to improve existing facilities and supply chains. We will discuss how evolution in your current processes and systems can increase the flexibility of the operations and drive competitive advantage in meeting future market and customer demands.

 Stream Two: Innovations & Automation

This stream will be discussing how innovation in technologies is helping the factories to integrate and digitally connect. We will also discuss how companies can achieve their desired ROIs by leveraging advanced technologies. We will discuss how companies can transform their business with the use of AI, machine learning, additive manufacturing and advanced analytics and how data is helping the factories to be more synchronised in their overall operations. We will highlight the importance of predictive and preventive maintenance can help to save the time in production cycle. We will also discuss how by creating digitally integrated ecosystem can cut countless hours from many of the tasks. 

DAY 4 – Full Day Workshop: Demand-Driven Manufacturing

Demand-Driven Manufacturing is a manufacturing method that enables a synchronised, closed loop between customer orders, production scheduling and manufacturing execution all while integratingthe flow of materials and resources across the manufacturing value chain. This is achieved through Digitalisation, Synchronisation and Visualisation.

It describes production that is based on actual customer demand with an aim to synchronise everything (people, method, materials, machines, and information) in order to drive flow. This process is accelerated by technology that automates, digitizes data and connects every function within the demand-driven organisation. The key components are synchronization and flow.

The delegates would be able to learn how to lower operating expenses, improving inventory control, increased throughput, aligning workforce and processes, using real-time intelligence, improving visibility of operation throughout production cycle and creating profitable growth opportunities.



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